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Liefer- und Zahlungsbedingungen

1. Offers

Our offers are free of engagement and do not bind our company in any way. Unless otherwise specified, our offers are valid for a period of 1 month from their date of dispatch. 

Designs, sketches, depictions, drawings and/or samples are furnished at the client’s explicit request and shall be charged for in full. On no account may these documents be reproduced or handed to third parties.

2. Orders

Our offers are at all times free of engagement. A contract shall only be deemed to have been concluded following our written confirmation or at the start of its implementation.

Unless otherwise specified, our prices in Belgium are exclusive of VAT and exclusive of shipping costs. We reserve the right to amend our prices if any changes were to arise to the prices of energy or raw materials, wages or any other cost-price components, even after the contract has been concluded.

The execution of any prototype submitted, whatever its format, will be performed at the client’s exclusive risk. We therefore decline all liability in terms of civil proceedings that may be instituted as a result of counterfeiting or infringements on copyright. The client is deemed to have obtained the necessary permission from the owner of the prototype or the holder of the copyright. 

We decline all liability for any damage to or losses of originals and objects owned by the client and left in our care. Upon the client’s written request, insurance cover can be extended to cover these risks, though all related premium costs will be passed on to the client. 

In the event of an incorrect delivery or a mistake, whatever its nature, our liability shall be limited to the remake of the order in question. The buyer shall renounce all rights to any additional damages, whatever their nature. 

3. Delivery terms

Our delivery terms are indicative and do not in any way constitute a guarantee. Delays can never give rise to the payment of damages nor to the rescission of the contract.

4. Complaints

Complaints on grounds of (a) non-conformity, 8 days after delivery of the goods and (b) hidden defects shall only be entertained if they are forwarded by registered letter, 8 days after detection of these defects and maximum 1 month after delivery.

The filing of a complaint does not release the client from his obligation to pay. 

Goods shall not be accepted in return unless we have given our prior and written consent to do so.

Our warranty shall in any case be limited to a replacement of the goods, and, should this prove to be unfeasible, to a refund of the price. 

5. Payments

All invoices become due for payment 30 days from date of invoice, except otherwise mentioned on the invoice. If an invoice is not fully paid when due, we reserve the right to charge, by law and without notice of default, a fixed compensation equal to 15% of the amount due and equal to a minimum of 50 EUR on top of the amount due. The interest on the increased amount is, by law and without notice of default, equal to 1% per month, taking into account that as from the first of every month, the afore-mentioned month is considered to be elapsed.

6. Reservation of title

We shall at all times retain full and exclusive ownership of any drawings, samples of engravings, moulds, programmes etc., which were produced or commissioned by us for the purpose of executing any orders placed. We do however undertake to store them for the exclusive use by the client. 

The goods supplied shall remain the exclusive and unalienable property of the seller until the principal, interests, charges and taxes have been settled in full. However, any risks are transferred to the client as soon as the goods leave our warehouses. In the event of default, we are entitled to forthwith rescind the contract subject to a simple written notification issued eight days after a formal notice to pay has remained without effect and without prejudice to the right to seek reimbursement of the costs and losses incurred. 

7. Cancellations

Order cancellations shall not be accepted unless they have been made in writing. Cancellations are only deemed to be valid on condition that we have given our consent in writing.

8. Disputes

Any disputes concerning the conclusion, validity, the interpretation or the implementation of the present contract and any ensuing contracts shall be governed by Belgian law. The courts of Turnhout shall have sole jurisdiction to take cognizance of any claims.


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